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Framing. It’s a timeless way to display artwork and yet with so many options out there, sometimes the idea of framing can be overwhelming! If you have the desire to start selling frames in your studio, this is the class for you! Tavis is very passionate about framing and in this video you’ll even get a glimpse of his frame collection with over 1,000 already made frames. In this class he walks you through frame basics, how to choose the right frame to match your portrait, and how to sell framing in your studio.

If you’re on the fence about starting to offer frames, here are 5 reasons to get started with it:

  • Frames are an added decor piece in the home and add to the home's furnishings

  • Frames add additional length and impact to your artwork size

  • Framing it up can draw additional interest to the portrait and compliment the colors and textures nicely

  • Offering custom frames may set you apart from others in your area

  • Some framed artwork may be considered more formal and can really dress up formal spaces

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Frame Basics

    • Video 1

    • Course Handout

  • 2

    How to select a frame for a portrait

    • Video 2

  • 3

    Selling Frames Part 1

    • Video 3

  • 4

    Selling Frames Part 2

    • Video 4


Tavis Guild

Tavis was born and raised in Yakima, WA, and he has been a professional photographer since 2008. That same year he married his wife, Amy, and they have two children. Tavis graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Network Administration. He owns Memory Montage Photography, Whitmire Canvas and Ken Whitmire’s Portrait Archive. Passionate about people and wall portraits, helping photographers has been a natural extension of his work in wedding and family portrait photography. He has been teaching photography classes since 2011 which includes speaking at the International Wall Portrait Conference.

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